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LC Packaging Sustainability Update 2020

NEW! Sustainability Update 2020 (GRI compliant)

Did you know that of all 337 million packaging products that we distributed in 2019, 98.5% were fully recyclable? And that we provide a health insurance or medical plan for all our colleagues in developing countries? Or that we, to help women in Bangladesh return to work after the birth of their children, provide free child care facilities?

In 2017 LC Packaging launched its Sustainability Vision 2022 with goals to improve our environmental, economic and social impact. Each year, we report on our progress and initiatives in our Sustainability Update; an easy to read digital magazine showcasing our most recent developments with regard to the further improvement the well-being of people, creating a sustainable supply chain, developing sustainable packaging solutions and minimising our impact on the environment.

This year, for the first time, we have integrated extensive reporting in our Update. Therefore, our Sustainability Update 2020 is much more elaborate than previous years and fully complies with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI): Core Option.

Read our Sustainability Update 2020 here.

Global Report Initiative (GRI) Standards

The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Sustainability Reporting Standards are the first and most widely adopted global standards for sustainability reporting. Reporting following these standards helps LC Packaging to understand and communicate our impact on critical sustainability issues.

LC Packaging’s GRI Report is presented in the form of the LC Packaging GRI Index 2019, summarising all disclosures and linking to all relevant documentation and publications.

Read more on our sustainability efforts on our website.