100 Years of history

Our History

In the 1920’s there were many bag traders in the Dutch capital, Amsterdam. It was then that Wilhelmus Lammers, known as Wim, set up his own company and started trading in used jute bags, the predominant packaging material at the time. Used jute bags were bought, cleaned, repaired if needed and sold. Wim was certainly not the only one. He was more like one of many. But with tens of millions of bags traded every year, the market was by no means saturated. What is special is that the company he started in 1923 as NV Zakkenhandel v/h W. Lammers is still active more than 100 years later.

The Fourth Generation

Whilst it has changed names to Lammers & Van Cleeff BV and later to LC Packaging, the family-run company has grown into a multinational company with colleagues spread over Africa, Asia, Europe and North America. The fourth Lammers generation is now in charge and our range of services has expanded considerably with new products and our own production facilities. Yet, the soul of the company has never changed. Committed, Reliable and Loyal: those were the core values of the company back then and they still are now. The jute bag is still one of our key products. The history of LC Packaging tells the story of bold entrepreneurship, close partnerships, vision, and honesty. Always.

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