Green Heart campaign

Green Heart Campaign raises €2,750,- for social projects

LC Packaging’s Green Heart Campaign 2019 has raised over €2,750,- for two projects supported by the LC Supports Foundation. As a gift for the Holidays, customers were introduced to two projects supported by the LC Supports Foundation via two short videos. Customers could then choose the project closes to his or her heart. In return, LC Packaging donated an amount of money to this project. Both projects have enthusiastically received their donations and made big plans.

Quality Education | Sri Lanka

Srilankan Hope for Children.JPG

The SriLankan Hope for Children Foundation supports schools of which many are located in extremely poor areas. The foundation is very excited about the donation that will be used for two purposes. Part of the donation will help 7 students obtain their A level education. With this A Level education, they are able to enter University, supported by the government. After University, the hope is they will find work that enables them to help their village develop further. Another part of the donation will be used to provide solar batteries for 9 families living in wattle and daub houses without electricity.

Waste Pickers Training Programme | Bangladesh

Waste pickers training programme Bangladesh.JPG

Together with our local partner Grambangla and ChildHope UK, we developed a skills development programme for the waste pickers in Dhaka, after which they are offered a job at our SA 8000 certified production location: Dutch-Bangla Pack Ltd. The donation is very well-received by the project and will be used to purchase a computer with a large screen to use for learning activities, such as the presentation of materials and designs, and skill training in technical drawings.

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