Woven PP bags

Quality specifications:
  • Lightweight
  • Strong & breathable
  • High quality print
  • Tailor-made
  • For manual & fully automatic packing

Woven PP bags

Quality specifications:
  • Lightweight
  • Strong & breathable
  • High quality print
  • Tailor-made
  • For manual & fully automatic packing


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Global Market Leader in Woven PP Bags

Woven PP bags are the ideal packaging to transport and store bulk products, such as sugar, rice, animal feeds, flour, malt, coal etc.

At LC Packaging, we are proud to say that we are the global market leader in woven polypropylene bags (WPP). The product is perfectly suitable as packaging for transport purposes and also for marketing purposes with a BOPP photo quality print.

WPP bags

WPP bags allow for sufficient passage of air to the packed products and can be UV stabilised for a longer lifespan when exposed to sunlight. The bags can also be flexo printed with up to six colours. An added barrier to moisture transmission and even seepage of the product can be achieved with an inner coating or outside coating. WPP bags with liner are designed to maximise protection of your bulk products against external factors.

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BOPP bags

Laminated WPP bags with a BOPP film allow for premium, full colour photo print. The result: a superior packaging design that tells the story of your product. It also increases its distinctiveness, enhances the brand experience, fulfills a communication need and has a positive influence on your brand recognition and revenue. BOPP printed WPP bags also increase barrier properties and a block bottom option gives the bags better filling properties and a stand-up capability.

PP Post and Parcel

An easy-to-use packaging of excellent quality that offers great versatility. Our WPP postal bags are designed to fit smart and dynamic operational processes. Its multi-use properties will also help you become more cost-efficient. We offer a packaging solution tailored to your postal and parcel business, developed to your requirements, ensuring a fit for your processes and technical demands.

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AD*Star™ bags

AD*Star™ bags are stronger and lighter in weight than paper, quick to fill and have a good moisture barrier, making it a very reliable packaging for your dry bulk product. This type of bag is commonly used for the automatic packaging, transport and storage of dry bulk products, such as cement, fertilizer, granulates and animal feed.

Paper / Woven PP bags

Paper laminated to woven polypropylene is an alternative to the traditional multi-wall paper bag or WPP/BOPP bags. Combining the look and feel of the paper bag with the strength of the woven polypropylene bag, this Paper / Woven Poly bag provides customers with another high-performance, well-priced packaging choice with flexo printing possibilities.

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Consistent high quality

We guarantee the highest quality standards for your packaging; produced under optimal conditions in our own and trusted partners' production facilities. We have a dedicated in-house international Quality Department to ensure your packaging will always be manufactured according to the highest standards. Please do not hesitate to contact our, Quality Department should you have questions about our quality and safety procedures or if you would like to receive one of our many certificates.

At LC Packaging, we challenge ourselves and our partners to keep improving through the development of our packaging and procedures while still delivering consistent high quality. We do so by:

  • Our in-house Quality Department
  • A centrally controlled quality management system (QMS)
  • Long-term commitments with our production partners
  • Good traceability of our packaging and its components through our SAP Data Processing System
  • Ultra-modern, in-house testing facilities
  • Responsible production processes
  • Continuous investments in cutting-edge technologies

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Supporting your products is what we do at LC Packaging. We offer you safe, reliable and qualitative transport packaging for your valuable products. You can benefit from our international network and take advantage of all available expertise at LC Packaging. Our packaging experts are ready to help you find the best flexible packaging solution for your products.

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