We aim to provide packaging solutions while minimising the impact on the environment and waste of valuable packaging. We also continue enriching communities in which we directly or indirectly operate. To do so, we have set up several programmes with which we hope to leave a better world for future generations to enjoy.


LC Supports Foundation

The LC Supports Foundation contributes to improving the welfare and environment of communities where LC Packaging is directly or indirectly present. Visit the website to see where we are contributing or how you can help.

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WorldBag specialises in reconditioning and recycling big bags: collecting, cleaning and repairing them, ready for re-use! The bags are then delivered back to you, our customer, in pristine condition. Learn more about WorldBag on their website.

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GreenBANGLA is a first-of-its kind waste recycling project. We collect our production waste from our FIBC production line to recycle and process into value-added products: PP granulates. These are then used for the production of polypropylene bags for example.

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