LC Packaging joins PREVENT Waste Alliance

To contribute to minimising waste and maximising the reuse of resources on a global scale, LC Packaging GmbH (LC Packaging’s Germany based affiliate) recently became an official member of the PREVENT Waste Alliance. With this membership, LC Packaging wants to contribute to conserving resources and closing loops for packaging in close partnership with other members from the private sector, public institutions, academia and more.

PREVENT Waste Alliance

The PREVENT Waste Alliance wants to contribute to minimising waste, eliminating pollutants and maximising the reuse of resources worldwide. PREVENT Waste Alliance – members work together for waste prevention, collection, and recycling as well as the increased uptake of secondary resources in low- and middle-income countries. The focus is on waste from plastic packaging and single use products.

Initiated under the patronage of German Development Minister Gerd Müller, the PREVENT Waste Alliance was launched in May 2019. It serves as a platform for exchange and international cooperation. Organisations from the private sector, academia, civil society and public institutions jointly engage to create our circular economy.

Plastic waste as a resource

At LC Packaging, we want to successfully pass on the company to the next generation without limiting the choices they have to make or the recourses available. Looking forward, a 5-year sustainability plan, LC Packaging’s Sustainability Vision 2022, was created and several initiatives were successfully launched. Together with Starlinger & Co, GmbH, the manufacturer and distributor of flexible packaging solutions developed ‘circular packaging’ for big bags (FIBCs), made from recycled polypropylene (PP) fabric and in Bangladesh, LC Packaging’s production facility Dutch-Bangla Pack Ltd. upcycles its process waste through the GreenBANGLA initiative. The initiative is officially recognised by the UN Global Compact of which LC Packaging is a proud member.

Find more information about LC Packaging’s participation and motivation on the PREVENT Waste Alliance website.