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- Sala de prensa - [Now live] Sustainability Update 2024 Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation (PPWR) adopted by European Parliament Fourth Platinum EcoVadis CSR Rating For Royal LC Packaging LC Packaging becomes Royal LC Packaging LC Packaging Obtains QA-CER Certification for Recycled Material An update on the Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation (PPWR) LC Packaging’s Science-Based Emission Reduction Targets validated by the SBTi M.B. Nieuwenhuijse and LC Packaging prevent 50,000 kg of plastic from entering the ocean LC Packaging, PET Recycling Team, Starlinger and Velebit close the loop with Big Bags made from recycled Big Bags LC Packaging acquires a minority share of Bluepack, Denmark LC Packaging Launches Living Wage Programme for Key Partners LC Packaging publishes new and improved Sustainability Update 2023 First Closed Loop Recycling Solution For FIBCs LC Packaging Launches LC Carbon Footprint Calculator For FIBCs LC Packaging Signs European Commission Sustainable Consumption Pledge Third consecutive Platinum EcoVadis CSR rating for LC Packaging Partnership for distribution and production in the DRC LC Shankar Officially Opens New Production Facility GHG Inventory 2021: Impact on climate change LC Packaging featured in Africa Outlook Magazine LC Packaging acquires Karl Weiterer GmbH [Interview] Incorporating sustainability in Packaging LC Packaging UK member of Textile Recycling Association LC Packaging UK retains BRC accreditation at AA rating LC Packaging BE starts construction Sustainability Update 2022 (GRI Compliant) now available online! LC Packaging conducts UN Global Compact Advanced Communication on Progress Report 2022 LC Packaging launches 2030 Ambition: our contribution to a world without waste LC Packaging adopts B-BBEE codes stimulating inclusion Hagens Verpakkingen Starts Strategic Partnership With Fruitmasters 30% Recycled Content in LC Packaging FIBCs LC Packaging introduces Young LC programme for young talents M.B. Nieuwenhuijse and LC Packaging introduce plastic neutral net bags Second Sustainable FIBC Virtual Conference set for Thursday 19 May 2022 LC Packaging refuerza la Red BICEPS Annual Report 2021 now available online A Fair Day’s Pay for a Hard Day’s Work LC Packaging Joins Dutch Standards Committee (NEN) and ISO 21898 Working Group LC Packaging commits to Plastic Pact NL LC Packaging takes new step in rPP with Healix LC Packaging se compromete con Business Ambition for 1.5°C El valor añadido para nuestros clientes derivado de la calificación de platino de EcoVadis en materia de RSE LC Packaging wins Nestlé Sustainability Award for Suppliers 2021 LC Packaging conserva la calificación más alta de EcoVadis en RSE: "Una recompensa por el compromiso sostenible" Cómo influyen en el sector de los envases las tarifas y los retrasos en los fletes, que están batiendo récords El impacto y desarrollo de la escasez de Polipropileno Informes y Documentos LC Packaging 2021 Ampliando nuestra capacidad de producción ¡Ya online! Actualización de sostenibilidad 2021 (conforme a la GRI) Nueva ubicación para el servicio de reutilización y reciclaje WorldBag El futuro sostenible de nuestros FIBC: tendencias y desarrollos LC Packaging realiza la Comunicación Avanzada sobre el Informe de Progreso 2021 del Pacto Mundial de la ONU Asociaciones sostenibles: gestión sostenible de residuos utilizando rPP Big Bags LC Packaging presenta Informe Anual 2020 LC Packaging se compromete con los Principios de Empoderamiento de la Mujer Estrategia de abastecimiento y de la cadena de suministro en tiempos de incertidumbre: cómo hacer frente a situaciones como la pandemia del COVID-19 LC Packaging joins UNGC Accelerator Programme Programa de Auditoría Remota de LC Packaging: ¡auditorías y visitas a fábricas ahora por Internet! En primer plano: Dutch-Bangla Pack Ltd. Reutilizar antes de reciclar: cómo prolongar el ciclo de vida de sus FIBC Disponible a petición: Conferencia virtual de FIBC sostenibles Cómo se benefician los clientes de nuestras instalaciones vanguardistas en los Países Bajos ? Alianzas innovadoras: definir el Big Bag perfecto para los sistemas de llenado automático LC Packaging proudly obtains EcoVadis Platinum CSR rating LC Packaging’s Bangladeshi production facility SA 8000 recertified NUEVO! Actualización sobre la sostenibilidad de 2020 LC Packaging se unió a la mesa redonda de la Conferencia de EcoVadis, Sustain 2020 LC Packaging nominado a los Premios Sedex a la Responsabilidad Empresarial LC Packaging publicó la actualización de Sostenibilidad 2019 LC Packaging realiza su Comunicación del Pacto Mundial de las Naciones Unidas sobre el Informe de Progreso 2019 . LC Packaging y Veolia Netherlands se unen para minimizar los residuos derivados de embalajes flexibles a escala mundial LC Packaging abre la segunda fábrica Dutch-Bangla Pack Ltd. Como centro de producción de big-bags en Bangladesh LC Packaging presenta su código de Conducta de Proveedor Global Nuestra planta de producción en Bangladesh cuenta con la certificación SA8000
[Now live] Sustainability Update 2024

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[Now live] Sustainability Update 2024

27 de Mayo de 2024

The annual report on our social and environmental performance, our Sustainability Update 2024, is now available online!

The Sustainability Update is an easy-to-read online magazine which specifically reports on our progress towards our 2030 goals: the progress we made, the actions we took and our next steps.

What else are we reporting on?

The Sustainability Update also links to our more detailed reports: Our GRI content Index, which includes information on our sustainability strategy, stakeholders, material topics and governance, as well as our Social Report and Environmental Report. All reports are publicly available.

Reporting standards

Already since 2020, we transparently report on social and environmental KPIs in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standard (Core option): a globally accepted sustainability reporting standard. In the background we are already preparing the required data and reporting template to comply with the new mandatory EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD).


What do the results look like:

  • Living wage
    In 2023, at least 42.7% of our key production partners’ employees earned at least a living wage. As you know we have launched our living wage programme in September last year and since that time, together with our partners we are busy calculating whether a living wage is paid or not. For some partners, we already know. Others we are still in the process. For now we can say 42.7% has received a living wage and 2.2% earned less than a living wage
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  • Circular economy
    In 2023, 23% of our turnover came from packaging that delivers the circular economy, compared to 15% in 2021 and 17% in 2022. This is mainly due to more packaging varieties that were labelled as recyclable (70% of total). 25% of turnover came from packaging including recycled content, compared to 23% in 2022. The more packaging we sell made out of renewable materials or recycled content materials which is recyclable or compostable after use, the more we move towards our 80% goal.
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  • Climate action
    In 2023, we emitted 20.6% less greenhouse gas emissions compared to base year 2021. This sounds like a great achievement, but this reduction is almost solely based on the fact that we simply distributed much less products. Selling more circular packaging, and switching to renewable energy sources in our own operations and in transport should help us to reduce emissions in the upcoming years in line with our 50% emission reduction goal, compared to 2021.
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