LC Partner Stories

GRI 102-12

At LC Packaging, we value our long-term partnerships with production partners, NGO’s and others. We believe there is always room for innovation and development when it comes to sourcing, designing, manufacturing and establishing after-use solutions for our products and collaborate with partners who can help us do so. In our LC Partner Stories we share projects and initiatives we are working on with our trusted partners.

making LC loops

Turning big bags into big bags once more with Starlinger & Co, GmbH

To turn used big bags into big bags once more, LC Packaging and Starlinger & Co. GmbH have joined forces to develop "circular packaging" for big bags (FIBCs) made from polyprolylene (PP) fabric. A unique programme that entails almost all stages of the FIBC-lifecycle, such as manufacturing, usage, recovery, washing and recycling.