Big Bag Liners

To protect your valuable product against oxygen, water vapor and UV, your Big Bag (FIBC, Jumbo Bag) can be fitted with an inner liner. A multi-layer, co-extruded liner is especially recommended if you are transporting food safe or pharmaceutical applications and other moist averse materials.

Big Bag Liners

Benefit from our Big Bag liners

  • Fitted into the Big Bag (FIBC) in various possible ways (stitched, glued, etc.)
  • Standard, barrier, conductive or anti-static liner options available (L1, L2, L3)
  • Form-stable liners or pre-shaped
  • Inhouse, class 10,000 liner, manufacturing
  • State-of-the-art FSSC 22000 certified cleanrooms for food safe and pharma clean transport packaging
  • Up to 7 layers co-extruded, food safe and pharma clean liners

We manufacture multilayer (pre-shaped) liners with standard (LPDE / HDPE), barrier and conductive properties in our own facilities and also at our approved partners’ liner production facilities in Asia and Europe.

Barrier liners for Big Bags

EVOH Barrier Liners

Use EVOH barrier liners inside Big Bags (FIBCs) to extend the shelf life, preservation of quality and flavour of your food products and protect it against infestation. These specialty liners have high oxygen and water vapor barrier. EVOH can be produced in 5 – 7 layer construction with or without Polyamide. This depends on the filled product and barriers requirements. EVOH liners can be fitted in a Type A or Type B big bag. This type of liner can be applied to bulk quantities related to industries such as seeds and nuts, chocolate, coffee and dairy powders.

See our examples for EVOH usage below. Other types of liner films and their respective (or corresponding) properties are available upon request.

Polyamide (PA) liners

Polyamide (PA) liners are characterised by a high level of stability, rigidity, toughness and puncture resistance. PA liners are best used in environments where products can be hot filled up to 170°C.

Aluminium liners

Aluminium laminated liners are the best liners to obtain a maximum O₂ and H₂O barrier as well as being the best odour barrier. The aluminium compound foils are used provide the highest barrier effect and are particularly suited for hygroscopic or odour sensitive chemical, food and pharma products. Aluminium liners can be used for Type A, Type B, Type C and Type D big bags.

Conductive liners for Big Bags

Conductive liners can be used for Type C Big Bags (FIBCs). They are well-suited for protecting powdery products that have a build-up of electrostatic charges during filling and emptying. Conductive liners will also reduce the risk of product seepage.

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