Circular solutions for Big Bags

Big Bags and the circular economy

In the fast-changing environment of sustainable business practices, it's important to be on top of new developments and to drive innovation together with partners and customers. At LC Packaging, we believe that our packaging can be a valuable resource instead of waste: a circular packaging solution.

Making our packaging more sustainable in cooperation with our customers and our production- and sustainability partners is therefore a key priority for us, and is one of the three themes of our 2030 Ambition.

Big Bags (also known as FIBCs) come with many benefits, but also with challenges. On the one hand, they prevent waste by protecting and preserving the valuable goods inside in the most efficient way possible.

On the other hand, FIBCs are often not offered for reuse/reconditioning or recycling, and many FIBCs become waste after use: at least 80% ends up incinerated or in landfill. And that needs to change!

Contributing to a world without waste
To contribute to this change, we are continuously working on innovative solutions in the field of reuse, recycling and recycled content. We have also joined forces with industry partners, sustainability parties and customers. Read more about these initiatives below.

Big Bags reuse, recycling and recycled content

Creating a Circular Economy for Big Bags means designing, reusing, collecting and recycling them into new Big Bags. Together, we can make sure that Big Bags are designed for recycling, reused as often as possible, and turned into new ones at the end of their lifecycle. This video provides and insight into how this can be done.

FIBCs designed for recycling.PNG

Your Big Bags Designed for Recycling: this is how

The majority of FIBCs currently used globally is not recycled. And if they are recycled, they are often used for lower-grade applications rather than for producing new FIBCs. However, when FIBCs are designed with recycling in mind, they can very well be recycled into a high-quality material that can be used for the production of new FIBCs.

Would you like to find out how your FIBCs can be Designed for Recycling? Read the leaflet and contact us!

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The LC Carbon Footprint Calculator For FIBCs

At LC Packaging, we have developed a Carbon Footprint Calculator for FIBCs in collaboration with The Footprinters. The tool allows us to calculate the carbon footprint of each different FIBC much more precisely. It also shows the savings possible when using recycled materials or switching to reuse.

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WorldBag FIBC Reconditioning

Did you know big bags, or FIBC’s, can be reused up to five times? WorldBag collects and resupplies used big bags all over Europe, cleaning and repairing them, ready for reuse. WorldBag offers a unique, efficient, and sustainable solution. Reconditioning your big bags through air washing or wet washing, easily reduces CO2e emissions up to 72% and ensures the right balance between a long life span and low costs. Reuse to reduce!

Joining forces with partners

Making the world a better place for future generations to enjoy is part of the strategic goals of many companies these days. However, this cannot be done in isolation, by any one single company. To really make an impact, we need to join forces with our sustainability partners and production partners. Read more about two initiatives in this field below.

Closing the loop through partnerships

First Closed Loop Recycling Solution For FIBCs

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Making our Big Bags circular

30% recycled content in LC Packaging FIBCs

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Sustainable FIBC Virtual Conference 2022

The need for joining forces on the topic of circular packaging is higher than ever before. That is why, next to LC Packaging experts, external professionals joined the Sustainable FIBC Virtual Conference 2022. Together, they discussed LC Packaging’s new 2030 Ambition, the transforming financial landscape, the road to implementing circularity (an example from the IBC industry), and circular FIBC solutions.

Watch all sessions on demand now.

Circular initiatives

At LC Packaging, we believe that the future is circular. In addition to developing circular solutions together with our partners, we also team up with customers who share our ambitions. Learn more about two of our circular initiatives below.

Big bags made from recycled Big Bags in a commercial application

LC Packaging, ALPLA PRT, Starlinger and Velebit close the loop

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LC Packaging & Starlinger

Turning Big Bags into Big Bags once more

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Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much. That's why we foster collaboration to initiate our sustainable transition, and why we are a member of several leading platforms and initiatives. Discover a couple of our memberships in the field of sustainable business practices.

Sustainable change in shipping

How we strengthen the BICEPS network

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Science-Based Targets initiative

Our commitment to Business Ambition for 1.5°C

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Minimising waste, maximising reuse

Member of PREVENT Waste Alliance

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Do more with less plastic

Why we have joined Plastic Pact NL

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