Electrostatic Protective Big Bags

Are you looking for packaging that protects you and your employees from electric discharges when handling products with a static potential? At LC Packaging, safety comes first. Our Big Bags can be specially designed with anti-static or conductive properties and meet the requirements of international standard IEC 61340-4-4 Ed. 3.0. Special CROHMIQ® fabrics can be used for type D Big Bags (FIBCs, Jumbo Bags) to safely dissipate static electricity. With tailor-made designs, these FIBCs will help you optimise loading for any type of transport. For very fine products, a liner can also be added with anti-static or conductive properties.

Electrostatic Protective Big Bags
Electrostatic Protective Big Bags
Electrostatic Protective Big Bags

Benefit from our conductive Big Bags

  • Safe (un)loading thanks to anti-static /conductive characteristics
  • Available in all sizes
  • Meets international standard IEC 61340-4-4 Ed. 3.0
  • Various filling and discharging systems available

Provided these Big Bags (FIBCs) are used correctly and that the regulations are complied with, we can guarantee that the handling of your packaging will be done safely. We can also offer you several types of Big Bags for safe usage within potentially explosive environments.

Type B Big Bags

Type B Big Bags (FIBCs) have no protective properties against the build-up of static electricity. However, the fabric of Type B Big Bags does have a lower breakdown voltage (< 6 kV). You can use this type of FIBC for dry, combustible materials, such as sugar, flour or grain provided there are no flammable gasses in the area.

FIBC Type B.png

Type C Big Bags

Type C Big Bags (FIBCs) are made of a conductive fabric. The conductivity is obtained by interweaving several conductive yarns. The various threads of conductive yarn are interconnected and to a grounding point. Therefore, you must ground this FIBC at all times. You can use this type of big bag for combustible materials, such as resins, TIO2, BPA and in environments where flammable gases could build up.

Type D Big Bags

Type D Big Bags (FIBCs) are made of special CROHMIQ® fabrics which safely dissipates static electricity. Type D Big Bags do not require grounding. However, it is crucial that the immediate vicinity (machinery, staff, etc.) is fully grounded while handling the product. Type D FIBCs help to eliminate human error of grounding and will ensure safe filling and emptying of the CROHMIQ® Type D Big Bag. These Big Bags can be made with uncoated or coated fabric. Anti-static / conductive liners can be attached to the inside of the bag when used to store and transport fine powders.

FIBC type D.png
Table electrostatic FIBC.png
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