MAP Big Bags

Creating a Modified Atmosphere in FIBCs, or big bags, can be an effective solution to preventing high-value products such as infant food, nuts, seeds and pharmaceutical ingredients from going to waste before they even hit the shelves. It can also prevent chemical reactions or oxidation of chemical powders. Protect your products against negative external influences, such as pests, fungi, bacteria, moisture and oxidation by using our Modified Atmosphere solution for FIBCs.

MAP Big Bags
MAP Big Bags
MAP Big Bags
MAP Big Bags
MAP Big Bags

Our MAP solution for FIBCs: how it works

To create a Modified Atmosphere in an FIBC, an inner liner with a special valve is needed. In our own FIBC production facility in Bangladesh, this valve is sealed into the FIBC liner. This is done in our state-of-the-art FSSC-22000 certified clean room for food safe and pharma clean packaging.
Once the FIBC has been filled with your product, several options are available to achieve the ideal product-specific atmosphere in the FIBC: the liner can be vacumised, or gases such as nitrogen and carbon dioxide can be added. Thanks to a special membrane in the valve, the conditions inside the FIBC can be measured without perforating the liner.
Watch the video to see how this is done!

Our MAP FIBC Solution, your benefits

  • Consistent product quality and taste
  • Food waste reduction
  • Full control of product safety
  • TCO optimisation: shelf life and product value are maximised
  • No need to use chemicals for product treatment


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