Cardboard Trays

The cardboard tray (machine-erected box) is a very effective and efficient packaging for the transport, storage and nicely printed retail-display of your fruit and vegetables, bread and pastries, flower bulbs, cans, shellfish, meat or other food products. We manufacture the sheet, print it and erect the box for you. Using the fast and reliable advice from our experienced technical staff you may also choose to rent, lease or purchase a box erecting machine.

Cardboard Trays
Cardboard Trays
Cardboard Trays
Cardboard Trays

Benefit from the characteristics of our cardboard trays for your products:

  • Printing in standard-, high definition print or offset
  • Flat or machine erected trays
  • Standard boxes available from stock
  • Tailor-made to your specific needs and requirements
  • Renting, leasing or purchasing box-erecting machines

LC Packaging is known for delivering to our customers with high quality products day and night. With the back-up supply from any of the LC Packaging box-erecting stations, we are always there to help you out with last-minute deliveries.


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Supporting your products is what we do at LC Packaging. We offer you safe, reliable and qualitative transport packaging for your valuable products. You can benefit from our international network and take advantage of all available expertise at LC Packaging. Our packaging experts are ready to help you find the best flexible packaging solution for your products.

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