AGL Inliner Boxes

Are you looking to transport multiple smaller products safely? Our AGL folding boxes (standard boxes) are often tailor-made to suit the product you are transporting. These boxes are the most well-known ‘standard’ boxes with flaps at the top and bottom.

AGL Inliner Boxes
AGL Inliner Boxes

Benefit from the characteristics of our AGL inliner boxes for your products:

  • Printing in standard-, high definition print or offset
  • Hand-folded or machine erected
  • Available in various flute types
  • Various coatings available, such as UV spot and laminated
  • Tailor-made to your requirements
  • 100% recyclable

Our AGL folding boxes can be supplied in different varieties, such as ‘autolock’ and ‘Swedish bottom’. Often, they are designed to house the product inside; for example Hand-folded boxes for flower bulbs with air inlets offering good ventilation.

Flute Types

These boxes are available in various flute types. The strength of corrugated cardboard depends on the flute height and the number of flutes per meter. Our packaging experts are ready to advise you on the flute required for your product. You can find a list of the flute heights below that are available at LC Packaging.

Flute Heights

Type of flute Average flute height mm.
N 0.6
F 0.85
E 1.2
B 3
C 4
D 2.35
EB 4.5
BE 4.5
EE 2.5
BB 6.0
CB 6.5
DE 3.9
DB 5.4
DC 6.4
BC 6.5

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Supporting your products is what we do at LC Packaging. We offer you safe, reliable and qualitative transport packaging for your valuable products. You can benefit from our international network and take advantage of all available expertise at LC Packaging. Our packaging experts are ready to help you find the best flexible packaging solution for your products.

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