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LC Packaging Remote Audit Programme: audits and factory visits now available online!

We believe that quality is much more than just the strength of our packaging. A perfect big bag is much more than just a high-quality bag. A perfect big bag, or FIBC, is produced in outstanding production facilities, in a sustainable way, by the best people who work and live under good conditions. Of course, the best way to assess these conditions is seeing it with your own eyes. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, we regularly organised factory audits and visits to our FIBC production facilities to allow (potential) customers to examine our state-of-the art, sustainable and socially responsible facilities.

These audits are part of our customer’s Quality Assurance programs and are often a prerequisite for doing business or for implementing new projects, especially when it comes to sensitive products such as food, pharma or specialty chemicals. In times when travelling and visiting is not possible, a different approach is needed to comply with requests for audits and factory visits. This different approach is the LC Packaging Remote Audit Programme. Several online audits have already taken place last year at Dutch-Bangla Pack Ltd. (DBPL). An online audit generally takes a full day, and one of these online audits has so far resulted in an extension of a customer’s approval for the most sensitive food clean FIBCs!

LC Packaging Remote Audit Programme: typical components of a remote audit

To allow for audit requests, we have put together the LC Packaging Remote Audit Programme. The purpose of this programme is to give an auditor a just-as-good-as-physical audit experience using remote tools. This programme consists of sharing the requested documents and questionnaires upfront, followed by 2 half days (e.g. 2 mornings) of video meetings.

An example of the topics that can be covered during the video meetings:

  1. Visual impression
    a. To give the auditor a better understanding of the production process, we show a large number of short video clips that show the requested aspects of the production process. Areas that are included are for example warehouse areas, steps in the production process and the storage / packing department of finished goods.
    b. Any main changes or upgrades that have been made recently / since the last audit to e.g. equipment, buildings, production processes, organisational processes or raw materials are highlighted with videos and/or documents.
    c. Additional videos and pictures can be made during the video meeting to make the online audit experience resemble a physical audit as much as possible.
  2. Discussion of COVID-19 measures

Discussing the measures / changes in HACCP and PRP programs by showing updated procedures, supported by pictures of physical measures on site.

3. Discussion of requested documentation

Discussing the documentation that was provided upfront. This can include procedures, self-assessments and reviews, internal audits, complaints, quality policy and annual quality plan.

Depending on the needs of a specific (potential) customer, this programme can be customised further. For more information about the LC Packaging Remote Audit Programme, please contact our International Quality Department at