19 November 2020

Sustainable FIBC
Virtual Conference

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Key take aways from the Virtual Conference

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Session 1

The Impact of the Circular Economy on Flexible Packaging

EcoVadis: Vladimir Guzman - Sustainability Analyst and Circular Economy Expert
LC Packaging: Lotte Mastwijk - Manager Communications and Sustainability

The transition from a linear to a circular economy, a circular plastics model and new and upcoming plastics regulations and legislation. What does this mean for the FIBC in particular and for its producers, distributors and users? How do users of FIBCs play a crucial role in closing the circular loop, and: does your bag comply?
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Session 2

Reuse before Recycling - WorldBag Reconditioning Service

WorldBag: Sebastiaan Dalmeijer - Commercial Lead
LC Packaging GmbH: Thorsten Classen - Managing Director

How can the lifespan of an FIBC be extended by reconditioning and reuse? Highlighting facts and figures, the reconditioning process, best practices from companies such as Orion and Solvay, and practical challenges.
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Session 3

Design for Recycling and Recycling for Design

Veolia: Gerrit Klein Nagelvoort - Manager Business Development
Starlinger: Andreas Anderl - Inter Divisional Project Manager
LC Packaging: Marcel Schouten - Director FIBC

Next to reuse, we need recycling and the use of recycled content to ensure a circular FIBC packaging solution. This session highlights the importance of chain responsibility and partnership and showcases achievements and challenges.
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Session 4

Social Accountability - The Added Value of the SA8000 Certificate

Social Accountability International: Rochelle Zaid - Senior Director of Standards and Impacts
Dutch Bangla Pack Limited:
Abdul Mumit - Managing Director

Discussing how companies are more and more liable for actions that take place in the supply chain, the importance and challenges of social accountability and the benefits of a SA8000 certification. This session includes a case example in which FIBC manufacturer Dutch-Bangla Pack Ltd. in Bangladesh - SA8000 certified since 2012 - shares experiences.
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Waste Pickers of Dhaka trainees Waste Pickers of Dhaka trainees Waste Pickers of Dhaka trainees Waste Pickers of Dhaka trainees
LC supports foundation logo
Donation to the Waste Pickers of Dhaka Project

For each participant in the Sustainable FIBC Virtual Conference, LC Packaging promised to make a donation to the LC Supports Foundation to support the Waste Pickers of Dhaka project. Altogether, this has resulted in a total amount of € 2,500!

About the Waste Pickers of Dhaka Project

With our local Partner Grambangla we developed a skills development programme for waste pickers in Dhaka, after which they are offered a job at LC Packaging’s SA8000 certified production location: Dutch-Bangla Pack Ltd.