Leno & Raschel

Leno and Raschel (Baxmatic) bags are highly suitable packaging for the transport, handling and storage of your products up to 30 kg. They are available in various colours including the possibility of UV stabilisation and branding with your own personalised label.

Leno & Raschel
Leno & Raschel
Leno & Raschel
Leno & Raschel

Benefit from the characteristics of our Leno & Raschel for your products:

  • Available on a roll for automatic filling
  • Available in different colours
  • Available with our without drawstring
  • Can be personalised with a label
  • UV stabilisation available

Leno (Baxmatic) bags

Woven bags (mesh bags) are also perfect for packaging your potatoes, onions, carrots, shellfish or firewood. They are very strong, breathable and form-stable. Leno bags have outstanding photo-quality printing possibilities with rotogravure printing! They can be ordered as individual bags with or without drawstring, for manual filling or as the Baxmatic option for automatic filling.

leno bag mady.png
raschel knitted bag.png

Raschel bags

Raschel bags, also known as knitted bags, are ideal for packing your vegetables, such as potatoes, onions and carrots or even firewood. They are available as individual bags with or without drawstring and also available on a roll for automatic filling.

Monfilament bags

Monofilament bags are knitted or woven PE bags. For this type of packaging, a very fine yarn is used. This gives the bag more protective properties that are desirable when packaging fruit and vegetables, flower bulbs, shellfish or firewood. The netting is extremely protective, but flexible and breathable at the same time. Monofilament bags are available with or without drawstring and can also be ordered with a wicket for automatic filling.


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