Q bags

Optimise the loading speed and transportable volume of your truck or container transport while at the same time protecting your products from any leaks during filling, storage, transport and discharge with our form-stable Q bags.

Q bags
Q bags
Q bags

Benefit from the characteristics of our Q bags for your products

  • Form-stable
  • Supplied with or without a liner
  • Available with or without coating
  • Available baffles: standard and cord
  • Various filling and discharging options
  • Preservation of (food) quality and flavour
  • Optimisation of truck and container loading

Q bags are ideal to pack powders or granular products in various segments. These big bags are a reliable and safe packaging for sugar, coffee beans, grains, peanuts, spices and detergents among many others. These form-stable big bags are fitted with an internal structure (baffles) that ensures that the Q bag stays upright within the pallet dimensions and guarantees an optimum load for most types of transport. To guard against spillage or seepage during filling, the storage, transport and discharging, we usually manufacture our Q bags with a coating and dust seams.

Safe handling instructions

As a specialist in FIBCs, we find it very important that you and your colleagues are safe while handling our packaging. To help you do so, we have set up FIBC user instructions to transport and (un)load your products safely. Download them here.