FIBC Options

Big bags are very a versatile packaging and are often made-to-measure for your manufacturing processes. We have already summarised some of our options to customise your packaging. Contact our packaging specialists to see what your perfect packaging solution looks like.

FIBC Options
FIBC Options
FIBC Options
FIBC Options
FIBC Options
FIBC Options

Filling and discharging

Every type of FIBC we make is made to fit your manufacturing processes. Because every customer has different requirements and uses different filling or discharging systems, we supply various kinds of filling and discharging mechanisms for your big bags. We have listed some of our most commonly used systems. Contact our packaging specialists to find out which one is right for you.

Filling systems

Are you considering filling FIBCs with a special filling machine? Our specialists can introduce you to one of our filling system partners and advise you on the most suitable FIBC for that system. By addressing this issue at an early stage, you can prevent serious disruption to your production process and therefore save a lot of money on future expenses. We have several accessories available, designed to fit your existing filling system:

  • Our top spout gives your operators full control of the product during the filling process and a secure leak proof closure
  • A top skirt for easy filling
  • A conical shape to allow better filling of non-freeflowing bulk powdered material
  • A spout & Capuchon (petal star) to prevent bulging and to minimise the risk of contamination
filling option fibc.png

Discharging system options

Depending on your requirements or those of your client, we supply a number of extra options in addition to the standard discharging systems. These may involve opening the big bag remotely, an additional reinforcement in the bottom to prevent bulging or an additional hygiene flap to prevent contamination. There are several discharging systems available:

bottom flap capture.PNG
  • E-knot for remote discharging
  • B-lock, including dosed discharge
  • Bonbon closure for two-stage opening
  • Bottom cross for additional support for the discharge spout
  • Petal star closure to prevent bulging and to minimise the risk of contamination
  • Hygiene flap to ensure the discharge spout stays clean


In most cases, four loop FIBCs are custom-made to fit your processes. We supply FIBCs made of tubular and flat woven fabric with standard loops, cross-corner loops or tunnel lifting systems.

Standard loops

Standard loops, also known as corner loops, are the type of loops most used on big bags. lift loop is sewn into the seam of each corner of the bag and is a very cost-effective option for your big bag.


Cross corner loops


Much like standard loops, cross corner loops are sewn into the corners of the bag, but instead of the loops being sewn into the inside seam of the bag, they are sewn into eight points in opposite corners of the bag. The loops are designed to ensure that forklift operators can grab and lift the bags easily, reducing your bag handling time.

Tunnel loops

Tunnel loops are two continuous tunnels along the side of the FIBC (big bag/jumbo bag). They have been designed to be handled by one forklift operator and therefore save additional labour. Using a few of our FIBC options, the forklift truck driver can lift up the FIBC and place it into the filling or discharging system without having to get out of the truck. In addition, this could also reduce the number of pallets you normally would use.

FIBC - corner loop tunnel loop builder bag 3.jpg

Dust proof seams

Dust proof seams can be used to prevent leaks or seepage. During the manufacturing process, the needle of the sewing machine makes tiny holes in the fabric. These could cause a seepage if the FIBC was filled with fine grain powders , such as cocoa, milk powders, starch, lead powders, iron powders or resins. A dust proof seam is a downy cord that is attached to the seams and prevents spillage.



  • Single-sided (on one side of the fabric)
  • Double-sided (on both sides of the fabric)
  • Triple (both sides +sandwiched in between)
  • Triple with felt

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