1&2 point lift FIBCs

Do you need transport packaging for your fertiliser, cement powders or commodities? Our 1 – 2 point lift big bags, often containing a liner to keep hygroscopic products such as these dry, are the perfect, easy-to-handle solution for your product! The bags are used mainly for relatively low packaging weights of 500 – 1500 kg and in situations where filling speed is crucial. The bags are filled and transported on one or two loops, making it easier for you to transport more big bags at once. This flexible packaging solution can be tailor-made to speed up your processes.

1&2 point lift FIBCs
1&2 point lift FIBCs
1&2 point lift FIBCs

Benefit from the characteristics of our lift bags for your products

  • Optimal efficiency
  • Tailor-made
  • Easy to handle
  • Cost-effective
  • Liner to protect hygroscopic products

Bring us your challenge!

Supporting your products is what we do at LC Packaging. We offer you safe, reliable and qualitative transport packaging for your valuable products. You can benefit from our international network and take advantage of all available expertise at LC Packaging. Our packaging experts are ready to help you find the best flexible packaging solution for your products.

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